The palatial grandeur of The Westin Palace Madrid is the epitome of opulence, as commissioned by King Alfonso XIII in 1912. In 1912, the 800 rooms hosted both a telephone and indoor toilet – a ground-breaking level of opulence for the time. Someone said it was the birth of the plumbing profession” says Paloma Garcia Gaxa, Westin Palace’s Communications and Public Relations Manager. “This is the first time they fixed the pipes in Spain, and they had to come from England because they didn’t know how to do it here. It was a pioneering moment.”

As a firm favourite amongst aristocrats and artists throughout early 20th century to present day visitors include Ernest Hemingway, Igor Stravinsky, Marie Curie, The Rolling Stones, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí.

With ties to artisans, the location is aptly situated in the “Art Triangle,” with close proximity to major museums. Today the Palace still remains as a pivotal place within Madrid’s heart and history.

Stepping into The Westin Palace, you are met with murals and marble, with the decadent décor accompanying you every step of the way to the now 470 rooms with an old-school glamour and classic-come-contemporary curvilinear furniture, not to mention the sumptuous styling seen in the bathrooms.

In the same bold black and bright brass colour palette as the entrance create majestic bathroom: Arborescent veins of amber in the marble coordinate to the brushed brass Zanzibar brassware and accessories for a dramatic design. The Bagnotec bathtub in Matt White emits the same inviting tactility of the fluffy white towels, as one of many favourable features to the room.