Organic materials are being used throughout the home to bring the outdoors in for a harmonious look that invites you to relax, recharge and reinvigorate. Nowhere is this more appropriate than in the bathroom, an area that is increasingly emerging as a private sanctuary where homeowners can boost their sense of wellbeing and balance the mind, body and soul.

The focus on organic materials is carrying through into 2022, with natural stone finishes proving to have enduring appeal due to its versatility and understated elegance. In particular, marble is growing in popularity as an entirely fresh and modern material that lends a softer, organic edge to every aesthetic. Complementing a wide range of design approaches, from maximalism through to modern luxe and minimalist looks, marble will continue to emerge as an on-trend material for beautiful bathrooms that will stand the test of time.

01 Taormina Freestanding Wash Basin

To meet rising demand, BAGNODESIGN introduced an exclusive contemporary washbasin collection comprised of new countertop and freestanding designs, all featuring clean, fluid lines and made of high-quality marble with a tactile, touchable finish. Being made from entirely natural materials, each piece is truly unique, with intriguing variances in pattern and texture coming through for added visual interest and aesthetic impact.

The marble washbasin collection is available in a choice of stunning finishes – such as Black Marquine, tactile Travetine and warm Honey Onyx – all of which make a striking statement for bathrooms and washrooms across a wide range of domestic and commercial settings.


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