Kitchen Filter Mixer with Chilled Water System

With the UAE being the country with one of the highest in bottled water consumption in the world, we all recognise the importance of eliminating our reliance on single-use bottles. The Kitchen Filter Mixer with Chilled Water System is the hassle-free solution to reducing your single-use plastic waste and exposure to harmful plastic chemicals, while enabling you to save on both space and cost.

Say goodbye to lugging in multiple large bottles of water each week. After a quick installation of just 30 minutes, enjoyment of free-flowing filtered drinking water will last years. With a technician changing the filters at a convenient time for you every 12 months, you will experience an effortless new relationship with water in your home or office.

This Kitchen Sink Mixer is not just a sustainable alternative to excessive expenditure on bulky water bottles but also creates a lifestyle in which you are never without clean and cold water in your home. The filtration system specialises in purifying water, removing contaminants, and retaining the essential minerals and quality of taste. Making it the prefect water for drinking water, tea, coffee, cooking and washing fruit and vegetables.

01 Kitchen Sink Mixer With Drinking Water Filtration System

Conscious of the full life cycle and durability, the AQUAECO Kitchen Filter Mixer also recycles and reuses its filters and has been recognised as a top finalist in the Sanitary Ware category for the Sustainability Awards 2021, hosted by Love That Design in partnership with Surge.

Thanks to its health benefits and notable return on investment when compared to the burden of bottled water, in the last 10 years, we have seen over 3000 households switch to this filtered water system. As well as over 150 corporate clients, including Apple, Deloitte, Etihad, Ericsson, The Sustainable City and more.

With the possibility of four finishes; Matt Black, Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel and Brushed Gold, the aesthetic mixer dispenses powerful streams of hot, cold and filtered water all-in-one to fulfil your needs in an instant.

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