John Coope

Quality Assurance and Production Manager

Spa & Wellness is on the increase across both hospitality & residential sectors with many people keen to create a spa-at-home for a reviving retreat on tap. The word spa actually comes from the Latin phrase, “salus per aqua,” or “health through water” as it has been known for centuries that hydrotherapy is a powerful natural remedy.

01 Como Bath

Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpools offer many hydrotherapy benefits:

  • Relieve tension in muscles and joints
  • Temporary relief of aches and pains
  • Decrease in stress
  • Improve blood flow & circulation
  • Brighter looking skin thanks to detoxification

How is it we receive these benefits? Three factors work in whirlpools: Water, Heat & Air

01 Garda Whirlpool


When we float pressure is relieved from our joints and the sensation instantly creates a feeling of relaxation. Water jets, as opposed to air jets, also deliver a high-pressure massage to help repair tired muscles.


Air jets deliver a gentle stream in lower pressure, for a full body massage and overall relaxing experience. We offer you three types of air jets to aid with smaller muscle groups and allowing for a reflexology effect foot massage.


A hot bath will raise your body temperature, which increases blood flow for rejuvenation. Heat and steam also open the pores for detoxing, which allows for specialised bath salts and essential oils to penetrate the skin.

A drop in body temperature before sleep is also proven to lead to a deeper more restful sleep; a 15 minute whirlpool soak 90 minutes for going to bed eases the body into a naturally restful state.






Combining The Benefits

The combination of water, heat and air  helps achieve maximum benefits with a customised whirlpool bath. There are 6 types of water jets and 3 types of air jets that can be designed and placed in our selection of bathtubs depending on client requirements and budgets. We offer a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes for one, two or three users with the manufacturing process both regulated in accordance with ISO 9001 standard and implemented on site in our own Jebel Ali manufacturing area.

We also offer a revolutionary ‘Milk’ System focusing on adding oxygen to your whirlpool, which in itself features numerous hidden benefits.

The Milk System

With the wellness trend and self-care more important than ever, spa baths are high in demand. We know vital oxygen is for survival, but did you know how important it is for our skin?

With revolutionary technology, the air of the Milk whirlpool system – for the Circus bath – is specially filtered to include more oxygen, meaning it is 100% natural with no additives to your water.

Our modern pollutant-filled environment reduces oxygen content in the air, thus reducing our collagen production which speeds up the ageing process. However, by adding oxygen to your bath you can increase collagen and benefit from:

  • A boost in collagen to help reduce the ageing process
  • An increase in the production of new cells for a more energetic appearance
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, for a brighter youthful you
  • Inhaling an infusion of negative charged ions which are known to improve serotonin levels in the brain
  • Enjoy a ‘whisper’ massage thanks to the integrated sound absorber

As the largest organ in the body we must be mindful to take care of our skin, just a 20-minute bath cycle can provide your fountain of youth and re-energise your body and soul for the ultimate relaxing retreat.